From the coast of the South China Sea

I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City (hcmc) from New York last night at around 10:30 local time after one 16 hour flight and one 3 hour flight. I met up with my friend John Richert flying in from Chicago and we met up with a representative from Catalyst, the local nonprofit we are working with. We handed off our tools to her until we start our project next week. Today we walked around hcmc dodging motorbikes. This afternoon we flew to Nha Trang where, tomorrow, our bike trip will begin. We swam in the South China Sea. I have to go meet the group for dinner at 6:30. That’s also 6:30 in Chicago, only it’s 6:30 am! More later.

6 responses to “From the coast of the South China Sea

  1. Have a great trip, Marty!

  2. I like your breakfast choice. Who wants boring old eggs and toast when there is so much new food to try?

    Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.


    • May have come back to bite me! I got sick last night. Though it wasn’t intestinal, I was cold and clammy with tightness all over for two hours. I’m better now, but really tired from the first day of riding.

  3. Marty,
    you always fit into new environments, like at Ocean City, when you dived into the waves all day, despite sunburn and chill. good luck!

  4. Memphis says he’s breaking up with you. He likes me better. He says to tell you it’s not you, it’s him.

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