Facebook banned in Vietnam

Did the Vietnamese hate the movie, "The Social Network" that much?

Is Vietnam still ticked off about the war?  I guess that’s why they decided to ban Facebook. As the kids would say, WTF?  Anyway, for all of you leaving witty and inspiring comments on Marty’s Facebook page, understand that the reason he is not responding to them is not just that he may have no internet access, it’s because those damn commies have banned facebook.  They are probably trying to block this post.  I thought they had embraced consumerism and we were all Kumbaya now.  Apparently not.

Speaking of consumerism,  Marty bought a watch in Saigon because he needed one that was waterproof.  It clearly said waterproof and he said he bought this in a real store not a stand on the street and the clerk kept talking about the warranty it came with.  Anyway, when he went into the ocean (roughing it, right?) he said the face of the watch filled up with water within a minute.   I guess this means it wasn’t a Rolex either! (kidding).


One response to “Facebook banned in Vietnam

  1. Being married to a Vietnamese woman, I have to tell you they are not Communists, but Socialists, i.e. Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 😉

    Come on man, don’t be the typical America Susan! The Vietnam War has nothing to do with them blocking Facebook or anything else against America. As I understand it, they actually like us, us being Americans. Facebook is used worldwide, over 250 million users. If you were a Bangladeshi person in Vietnam trying to access Facebook, you’d be block.

    Tell Martin to check out the lunch lady while he is there.

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