Mmm! Coiled Snakes in Rice Wine

Boy working in a rice field. To make rice wine. To put coiled snakes in it.

So I am eating breakfast while reading Marty’s update.  He mentions that at dinner there was a glass jar of rice wine with coiled snakes in it. Another jar had cow hooves or he thinks they were.  He didn’t send any pictures of that but he did send some other ones.  I’m including them here.  He said yesterday  they arrived in Dalat for the end of the mountain biking portion of the trip. It was 43km mostly uphill. It rained the whole time and ” I lost feeling in my fingers and toes. It took 30 mins in the shower to get the feeling back.”  Fortunately, he said they are staying in the nicest place they’ve been so far.


Little more info about the elephant rides:  “We couldn’t communicate with the elephant

John and Liz and the elephant guide that speaks no English.

guides and they took us out into the middle of the lake. The elephants would stop to grab a branch along the way. The water came almost all of the way up to where we were sitting.”

He says he’s going to try and send a video next.


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