This Doesn’t Look Like Whole Foods to Me

These are Fixed-Range chickens

Marty was in Dalat yesterday checking out the local market.  Once again, snakes. Some stuff looked more savory than others, though.    He said their normal meals usually feature a lot of watery spinach/greens and they pour the cooking water over rice. Because they are staying in a more upscale place they are getting a lot more variety — including spring rolls–which everyone was grateful for.



Bam! Those peppers probably pack some heat.

He also wanted me to mention that he is talking to me (via Skype) on the phone. Sometimes the connection isn’t strong enough and we have to revert to texting.  But overall, he’s been able to communicate with me almost once a day.

The bike ride portion is finished and now the group is onto playground building.

Videos coming up in the next post.


One response to “This Doesn’t Look Like Whole Foods to Me

  1. Poor Marty. Not the i-phone! Your homeowners might cover the loss. Anyway, I am glad to hear they all arrived safely. Finally starting on the building of the playground must be exciting.

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