The iPhone backup plan…

Paul and Marty on the road.

So Marty and the group finally arrived at the site where they are building the playground. Unfortunately, there are no photos because Marty’s phone was stolen.

Riding light. No need for pesky helmets for the kids!

Ironically, Marty leaves New York City and gets his iphone stolen in a


super remote village half way around the world.

Here are some of the pictures he sent before he lost his phone.

I’ll be uploading some of Paul’s pictures going forward and continue with updates from Marty.

Fortunately, he can still call me on his OLD iPhone via Skype even though it doesn’t have a SIM card, as long as there’s a wireless network. Which there are in almost every hotel! It’s like he’s in the next room.


Curtis, one of the leaders and "nicest guy you will ever meet", and Marty.

2 responses to “The iPhone backup plan…

  1. Marty, what a bummer about your phone! So sorry, man.
    Tempting to revert to The Dude or Walter more specifically when that happens!
    Hang in, man. Good luck with the playground. Hopefully the darned architects didn’t leave out some crucial detail!!

  2. Marty, what a drag to lose your imaginary friend when you’re so far from home! It sounds like quite a trip anyhow. How were those coiled snakes, by the bye? Let me know when you get home because I think I may have broken my website and you’re not there for me to consult! (It’s all about me, right?)

    Just don’t yell “di di mau” at the top of your lungs or there might end up being some unfortunate flashbacks for some of your hosts.


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