You Say Ho Chi Minh, I Say Saigon– Marty Got There

Marty going native with a dim sum breakfast

Despite typhoon Megi (note– typhoons are in the pacific, hurricanes in the atlantic) threatening to arrive in Vietnam at the same time as Marty’s flight, he arrived safely and the weather is great.  According to him (and the roadmonkey intinerary) he had a “soft landing” and got to spend the night in a nice hotel.  While a western breakfast was an option, Marty had Dim Sum and green tea.  His friend John, (from Chicago and the other architect helping with the project) marveled that Marty was going “native” already.  Right now Marty is going even more native by walking around Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) before getting ready to board for Nha Trang this afternoon (well, afternoon in Vietnam– 12 hours ahead of ET).  He called me on Skype (since normal phone calls are $5/min ). I can’t believe how great the voice quality is on that.  It’s the first time I’ve used it on my cell phone.  I’ll be updating this blog (and with better pictures when they arrive) for him.  When he can log on he’ll try to update it himself.  For the rest of the trip, though, his access to the rest of world will be very limited. Good thing he’s going native.  I’m sure he’ll blend right in.